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Google Grant Application, Set-Up & Management for Charities

The Google Grants program is hugely beneficial to charities and can vastly increase the amount of relevant site traffic, in turn helping charities achieve their long term goals and objectives.

The Google Grants scheme is a program that offers free advertising on the Google AdWords platform to qualifying charities. Google's advertising grant for charities runs off the same AdWords pay-per-click platform that millions of businesses spend billions of pounds on worldwide.

At Passion Digital we have found that a great proportion of charities are currently allocating a percentage of their revenue to marketing their cause online and are completely unaware that by using the Google Grant scheme these funds could be used elsewhere, whilst still maintaining a PPC account that can now have £6,200 per month spend…So why not save some of that money by letting us apply for a grant for you today.

Our 100% application success rate speaks for itself, with over 50 grant accounts approved, set-up and running successfully since 2008. Last year we would estimate that once the application had been submitted it would take 3-6 weeks to be approved.

However, in 2012 applications are getting approved within 24 hours.

If you have experience running a basic Google AdWords account, then you will need to change your thinking somewhat to manage a grant account successfully. With a maximum bid value it is essential to build the account in a strategic and comprehensive way. By structuring the account correctly, creating multiple campaigns, ad-groups and exact match keywords as well as relevant ads and relevant quality landing pages we can increase the Quality Score assigned to each keyword, improving the position, CTR and therefore conversion rate of each keyword!

Maybe you are already paying for advertising on Google - a Grant account can complement a paid AdWords account very well. You can stop paying for the clicks the Grant account will get you for free whilst still appearing top of the results for those more expensive terms that the grant won't quite cover.

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